Here you can find videos, photos and information of Pakistani & Indian pigeons like teddy, golden, rampuri, 35 walay, bateray, dab walay and many more

Dab Walay

Guys one picture of dab walay highfliers for you, sorry dont have their clear picture right now but InshAllah I will try to manage some clear pictures of this classical qasori pigeons. These birds belog to Mr. Iqbal Butt

Bateray (Sialkoti Pigeons)

Friends today I am going to show you another legendary sialkoti pigeon breed known as bateray, bataira or bataray (thanks to english language). These pigeons are very tough fliers and one of my favorite breed. I like their looks even a non experienced person loves them at first sight.
This superb pigeons pair belong to Mr. Shams Raza


Shahjahan Puri Haray

Dear friends here are some more pigeons for Mr. Farooq's loft and this time it is a very famous breed of India known as Shahjahanpuri Harray. I had these pigeons some time ago but was not fortunate to test their ybs. People say that these are winter fliers and do not work in summer bazis, which is I think true because I haven't seen any hara pigeon flying in a bazi.


Patti Walay (White)

Hi Friends,

Given below pigeons are patti walay and belong to Mr. Farooq. Nowadays there is a hype of patti wala pigeons in all over Pakistan but personally I dont like them (sorry to all patti walay lovers). No doubt patti walay are tough fliers but they need more time and money when compared to highfliers.


Kabray ( Kit Flyers )

Dear friends and visitors, this pair of kit flying pigeons are called Kabra which are very beautiful pigeons and very famous between kit flyer fanciers. By the way this birds are also known as toli walay kabooter or Tukri walay kabuter in Pakistan. I will share more pictures from this line in coming days and these beautiful and healthy pigeons belong to Mr. Abdul Samee


About Pak Pigeons

These birds are also known in Pakistan and India as pigon, peagon, pigoen, pigan, pigen, pighan, pigions, pegions, peagons
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