Here you can find videos, photos and information of Pakistani & Indian pigeons like teddy, golden, rampuri, 35 walay, bateray, dab walay and many more

Ustad Sakhi Bhatti Pigeon Pics (Sakhi Bhatti k Kabooter)

Here are some pigeon pics of Ustad Sakhi Muhammad Bhatti. These are Ustad Sakhi Bhatti's Teddy Kabooter.


Different Types of Pigeon Eyes - Pigeon Pics

Here are some good pigeon eyes for you guys. Most of these are from high performing pigeons.


Pure Indian Rampuri Kabootar, Rampuri Pigeons Video

Here are some extra ordinary high quality rampuri kabotar. These rampuri pigeons are very close to the actual rampuri pigeons breed.


Kalay Khaal Kabooter (Tukri Walay Pigeons)

Here is a nice video of kalay khaal kabooter. These are some awesome quality kalay khal i have ever seen.


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